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Commencement Attire

The ceremonial attire for your big day is customized to mark the occasion. This outfit means celebrating you and the biggest academic milestone you’ve reached yet.

All graduates attending the Commencement ceremony must wear custom HBIU apparel.  

Your order consists of a robe, cap, tassel, hood for those obtaining a graduate degree or a stole of gratitude for undergraduates. The gown you’ll wear is a black gabardine robe, with braided crimson piping. Graduates will also wear a cap adorned with the tassel. 

See more information and examples of apparel below.

Types of Gowns

























Bachelor’s and Associate Gowns

The bachelor’s and associate gowns have a closed front and open sleeves.

Candidates for bachelor’s and associate degrees also receive a crimson Stole of Gratitude, embellished with the Indiana University seal, which they wear during the ceremony.

Associate & Bachelors Cap & Gown
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Doctoral / Ph.D

The doctoral gown has velvet panels down the front and voluminous, bell-shaped sleeves. Each sleeve has three velvet bars. The velvet is usually black, but may reflect the color of the discipline.

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Master's Cap and Gown 

The master’s gown has extra long, closed sleeves, with a small opening at the wrist. The end of the sleeve is square, with an arc cut away just above the bottom.

Masters Cap & Gown
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Certificate Program

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