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1. Apply for HBIU

Apply to HBIU online, and pay the cost. Have your references complete online reference forms. After submitting your application, references, and money, you will be interviewed. If accepted into the school, you must pay a deposit to acquire your I-20 paperwork for your M-1 visa. SEVIS limits I-20 processing to six months before the HBIU Program Start Date of the term you apply for.  We process all I-20s first-come-first-serve..


2. Begin the M-1 Visa Application Process

Allow 30 days for your I-20 to be completed. You will receive a notification when it has been issued. The current status of your I-20 can be found on your profile page. I-20 forms will be electronically signed and emailed to you. You will be notified of any updates and changes in the processing of your I-20 Forms.



3. Pay SEVIS Fee

After receiving your I-20, pay SEVIS for your I-901 form. This is needed to monitor your M-1 application and enter the country. Click the link below to see the charge and pay online. 



4. US Embassy Appointment

Upon receiving the I-20 and paying the SEVIS fee, set an appointment with the American Embassy in your country to secure an M-1 visa Bring these papers to your appointment:

Passport I-20 form

Proof of annual funds (I-20 form will specify the amount)

I-901 form payment receipt (SEVIS fee)

5. Pay Tuition

All International students are required to pay their full tuition by the International Payment Deadline or you will be unable to register. Download the Financial Packet for the important dates to be aware of.



6. Entering the U.S.

You may arrive in the United States no more than 30 days before the first day of school. You are required to have these documents when you enter the country:


I-20 form with M-1 visa notation

Proof of funds for the year (amount needed will be printed on your I-20 form)


Access into the US 30 days before school starts. presents papers to enter the country:

A passport and I-20 form with an M-1 visa note.

Proof of annual funds (I-20 form will specify the amount)


Driving record in English from your country if you intend to drive (this helps keep your driver’s insurance low)

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