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What is a Chaplain?

Chaplains hold a vital place within the pastoral ministry. They enter the lives of suffering people during times of serious emotional, physical, and spiritual crisis. They are loving caregivers who stand beside those who are suffering and offer them prayer, encouragement, and spiritual direction. Often, this includes ministry to entire families. As such, chaplains have to be more than just well-meaning volunteers.


Qualified chaplains are deeply committed to Scriptural integrity. Whether in hospice care, hospitals, institutional correctional centers, first responder situations, campuses, or nursing homes, HBI strives for excellence in supporting the special men and women intent on ministering God’s unfailing love to a hurting world.

Christian chaplains are caring men and women of God who demonstrate God’s love for a hurting world by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The following job descriptions demonstrate the wide variety of ways you can serve as a chaplain.


PUBLIC SAFETY CHAPLAINCY: Work within law enforcement agencies such as police, fire and sheriff's departments.


HOSPICE CARE CHAPLAINS: Work with individuals who are dying and their families. It is very important that Hospice Care Chaplains learn to develop their communication and faith-based skills when working with those who are dying and their families.


PRISON CHAPLAINS: Work in prisons and provide references for the scriptural mandate for prison ministry; explain why believers should be involved in prison ministry; articulate the spiritual goals of jail and prison ministry; and summarize what the Gospel has to offer prison inmates.


DISASTER RELIEF CHAPLAINS: Work on sites and in within communities experiencing devastating disasters, such as floods, tornado and fire aftermath. As a disaster relief chaplain it’s essential that you embody an ability to communicate through the use of proper training.


NURSING HOME CHAPLAINS: Work with elderly people who are often confused, depressed and, in many cases, dying. Nursing home chaplains have to be dedicated, understanding, and have the love of Christ in their hearts to reach out to those who are coming to the end of their lives.


DOMESTIC ABUSE CHAPLAIN: Work in shelters, hospitals, churches and organizations who work with abuse victims. They require a working knowledge of domestic violence skills training to help members of their ministries, churches, and communities.


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Dr. Karen Williams

Dr. Karen Williams Regional Director

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Dr. Carlos Crespo
International Director

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Dr. Tymon Moore
Dean of US Programs

Dr. Richard Reeves
Dean of Clinical Chaplaincy

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