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We are known to many as Heart Christian University (HCU)and Heart Bible Institute University (HBIU)are a registered Corp.  All of our other schools serve a great purpose.


Heart Christian University, colleges for business & Leadership

is also known as HCU College for Business & Leadership is a College for Christian business and Leadership that is interconnected to HBIU / HCU. Many Christian businesses and ministries are failing due to a lack of excellence in leadership training and the understanding of business principles. 

HBI Global University, Colleges & Chaplaincy
this school is for students, who may not be well versed in English, and who may need a global diverse setting, the Website is being built, the bible lets us Know in Matthew 28:19-20 that we must teach and preach the gospel to all nations. Our aim is to serve those who attend our school with the best Christian education. 

Heart Bible Institute 
this school will help students, who may not be well versed in the bible and will need our training institute, this school also focus on an internship it is important for our student to work with a Christian organization to gain the experience they need to succeed. The bible clearly tells us that faith without works is dead, that is why it's important that our student gives their time to gain the hands-on skills they need. 


HCU Clinical Pastoral Institute
provides services for clinical training for all those who serve in the five-fold ministry listed in Eph. 4: 11 and for Bishop as well

Heart Christian University for life Coaching  
is also known as HCU College for Life Coaching, prepare men and women on how to help those who have a dream, vision, goal to attain them despite times of difficulties. We have realized that the Christian community on a whole is not prepared for a major crisis, so many pastors and leaders have died during the coronavirus and families are in distress, we cannot go back to church as the norm, many pastors have lost their buildings and don't know where to begin. Many Christians have lost their jobs and are apart of the 20,00000 that are unemployed. This is where Christian life coaching plays a major role. This school is to train and equip those who have a passion to help others regain there purpose. 


Heart Bible University Love International Chaplaincy

is also known as HCU Love International Chaplaincy is for those who desire to serve as 

Chaplains hold a vital place within the pastoral ministry. They enter the lives of suffering people during times of serious emotional, physical, and spiritual crisis. They are loving caregivers who stand beside those who are suffering and offer them prayer, encouragement, and spiritual direction. Often, this includes ministry to entire families. As such, chaplains have to be more than just well-meaning volunteers.


Qualified chaplains are deeply committed to Scriptural integrity. Whether in hospice care, hospitals, institutional correctional centers, first responder situations, campuses, or nursing homes, HBI strives for excellence in supporting the special men and women intent on ministering God’s unfailing love to a hurting world.

Christian chaplains are caring men and women of God who demonstrate God’s love for a hurting world by sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The following job descriptions demonstrate the wide variety of ways you can serve as a chaplain.






HBI Global University, Colleges for Music & the Arts
We believe there is a need for Christian education for those within the Christian community who strive for excellence within this community. Music as always been the core of Ministry, it has brought healing to the soul of many great men and women of God, for example when King Saul in the Bible lost his mind it took David to play the harp to restore his mind. The ministry of theater and drama as always been a part of our faith.

HBI Theological Seminary 
Our seminary, school of theology, theological seminary, or divinity school is an educational institution for educating students

in scripture, theology, generally to prepare them for ordination to serve as clergy, 


Heart Christian University, Institute for Health & Wellness

The bible lets us know that long life and prosperity belongs to God's people. What we are finding is that many are just attending church services but they are not leaving transformed with a new mindset or new way of thinking about who they are and their purpose for being here on earth. We have discovered that many of our decision is based on our feelings, from what we eat, drink, wear, how we love, and these behaviors if not positive causes negative toxic chemicals to release into the body. It is important to train and educate on spiritual well being, mind, body, soul, and spirit to bring healing to the whole person.

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