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Heart Christian University Transfer of Credits Policy

Consideration for transfer credits is program specific. Courses must have been taken within a seven-year period of time from the date of submission and submitted within one year of beginning courses.  Students must provide a transcript from an accredited university, course syllabus and, if possible, any course work that was submitted to the original faculty. 


Each course being considered must meet or exceed the outcomes assessments for the requested and we does not transfer credits for life experience.

HCU students may request transfer credits as follows:

  • Master’s in Consciousness Studies – maximum of 6 credits (up to HCU  courses)

  • Certificate in Spiritual Education – maximum of 3 credits (1 HCU course)

Students must submit a completed Transfer Credit Request Form with all supporting documentation and payment of $150 evaluation fee for all courses submitted on that Transfer Credit Request form. In addition, there will be a $75 fee for every 3 credits approved for transfer.

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