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HBIU GHANA is fully registered with the country of Ghana to offer secular and religious studies. We offer a variety of programs to equip and empower men and women to accomplish their goals and dreams.


HBIU is an online institute of higher education where students discover and grow in their gifts and callings. We offer certificate programs, as well as, degree programs at the Associate’s, Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctorate levels. Our programs provide students with the necessary skills and knowledge to be effective in the market place providing excellence in ministry and addressing crises.

HBI takes pride in training leaders who will make a global impact.


Our courses are available to anyone who meets our entrance requirements. and require comprehensive study, self-discipline, and demonstration of comprehension.

All academic degrees at HBIU require mandatory coursework and must be earned. Courses are relevant to the spiritual development of all who desire to effectively engage in faith-based humanitarian work and gain a deeper understanding of the Bible. Our objective is to prepare the next generation of leaders on multiple levels of learning to meet the Humanainitian needs 

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We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

1-877-743-2788 EXT 1 / WhatsApp 860-830-9778

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