CEO / President 

Dr. Dornett McIntosh

Dean of HBIU
Dr. Adelicia I. Moses 

Director of HBI University International Affairs : Apostle Joseph Njuguna


Vice - President of HBIU
Dr. Kenneth Moses 

Apostle Veryl Howard.jpg

Director of Music Program
Dr. V. Howard 

Director of Doctoral
Program,  Dr. Y. Mann

 HBIU Love International
Chaplaincy Director Dr. Crespo

Dean of College Florida
Dr. Jimmie Bulter

Dean of College Africa
Dr. Joseph Kitur

Director of Chaplaincy
Chaplain Rosa Smith

Board Member 

Dr. Karen Williams


Technology Graphic Specialist

Dr. Tymon Moore


Technology Graphic Tech

Dr. Theodisia Moore


International Recruiting officer 

Dr. M. Grant 


Impact Institute  HBIU

Dr. Thelma 


International Recruiter  

Apostle Ashley Bruins


Community Liaison

Evangelist Penny Tate


International Recruiter 

Dr. M. Mobley  


Student Coordinator  Dr. Yolanda 

Dean of College  

Dr. Lebo Rathedi