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We have been honored to have many great community government workers receive their honorary degrees from HBIU


All contribution for those pursuing a Doctorate is about $2000 USD 

About the Honorary Doctorate:

An honorary doctorate, often referred to as an honorary degree, is an academic degree conferred by a university or other educational institution as an honor and recognition of a person's exceptional contributions to a specific field or to society as a whole. Unlike earned academic degrees, which are awarded based on completing a program of study and meeting specific academic requirements, honorary doctorates are typically given to individuals who have made significant achievements or contributions in areas such as science, literature, arts, public service, business, or humanitarian work.

Key points about honorary doctorates include:

  1. Recognition of Achievement: Honorary doctorates are awarded to individuals who have demonstrated outstanding accomplishments, leadership, or impact in their respective fields. The degree is a way for institutions to acknowledge and celebrate these achievements.

  2. No Academic Requirements: Recipients of honorary doctorates are not required to fulfill the usual academic requirements, such as coursework, exams, or a dissertation. The degree is an honor bestowed on the individual rather than earned through traditional academic pursuits.

  3. Types of Degrees: Honorary doctorates can take various forms, including Doctor of Letters (Litt.D.), Doctor of Science (Sc.D.), Doctor of Laws (LL.D.), or Doctor of Humane Letters (L.H.D.). The specific title often reflects the recipient's contributions to a particular field.

  4. Ceremonial Recognition: The awarding of an honorary doctorate is often done through a formal ceremony, such as a graduation ceremony. The recipient may wear academic regalia, including a cap and gown, similar to those worn by individuals who have earned academic degrees.

  5. Philanthropy and Public Service: Individuals who have made significant contributions to philanthropy, public service, or humanitarian efforts are often recipients of honorary doctorates. This recognizes their positive impact on society.

  6. Nomination and Selection: The process for awarding honorary doctorates varies by institution. Nominees are often proposed by members of the academic community or individuals familiar with the nominee's accomplishments. The selection is typically made by a committee or governing body within the institution.

Honorary doctorates are a way for academic institutions to express admiration and appreciation for individuals who have made exceptional contributions to the betterment of society, culture, or knowledge. The award is a symbolic gesture that acknowledges the recipient's impact and influence in their respective fields.

Heart Bible International University is again excited to open the nomination process for the honorary Doctorate  Degree Program. Please help us identify humanitarianists around the world who are helping to impact the lives of individuals and communities by nominating a leader in your area.


Our goal is to make sure that every humanitarian who meets these qualifications has the chance to be selected for these prestigious awards:

  • Humanitarian of the Year

  • Doctorate in Divinity, Theology, Ministry, Christian Education, Divine Human Service, Music Ministry, etc.


Nomination Process:

  • Nominate Humanitarian by filling out and submitting the form below. This online form includes a short recommendation.

  • Submit the online nomination form no later than two weeks before graduation.



This degree is for the person who has years of experience in the particular area of interest, and who has already made an impact with his/her ministry or community involvement. Must be 35 years or older, with exceptions for special recommendations of truly extraordinary younger leaders. 



The nominee must have been working for at least four to 10-15 years in their respective area. The awards are open to all who are truly outstanding in civic, professional, or faith-based organizations.


Candidates who are chosen must submit the following:​

  • Resume/ bio

  • Photo 2×2

  • Three (3) letters of recommendation written by people who have personally known the applicant for a minimum of five years

  • Credentials

  • Flyers, photos, and supporting documents for ministry.

  • References that detail professional or ministerial relationships with the nominee. The letters must be at least one page long and must include the reference’s name, address, and telephone number.

  • If the nominee has completed any written work, such as a book, booklet, or outstanding article, please submit a copy to us.

After we have received your completed form and recommendation (in the space provided below), we will send the nominated person an electronic application packet. The nominee will need to complete and return the application packet to our office

If you have any further questions, please contact us at +860-477-2031


Honorary Doctorate, in Divinity, Theology, Ministry, Christian Education, Leadership, Christian Counseling, Divine Human Service, Music Ministry, Humanitarian, Social Services, etc.


This degree is for the person who does not need to prepare for ministry with an earned degree but has already made an impact on his/her ministry or community. This degree acknowledges this fact.

For our Ceremony :

Candidates who submit both their application and Donation 1 month before graduation will have their ministries or Doctoral announcement featured in our online magazine.

The deadline for all applications is 3 weeks before graduation
The deadline for all fees is 2 weeks before graduation
Our timeline to determine that candidates have met all requirements is 3 weeks before graduation

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