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MA in Christian Counseling




3 Years

About the Course

A Master of Arts (MA) in Christian Counseling is a graduate-level academic program that focuses on integrating principles of Christian faith and theology with counseling theories and techniques. This program prepares individuals to provide counseling services within a Christian context, addressing mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Here's an overview of what you might expect in a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling program:

Core Curriculum:

  1. Biblical and Theological Foundations: Students study the Bible and Christian theology to understand the foundational beliefs and principles that underpin Christian counseling. This includes topics like theology of suffering, grace, and redemption.

  2. Counseling Theories and Techniques: Courses cover a range of counseling theories and techniques, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), person-centered therapy, family systems therapy, and more. These are often taught from a Christian perspective.

  3. Ethics and Professional Practice: Students learn about ethical guidelines specific to Christian counseling, including issues related to confidentiality, boundaries, and informed consent. They also study legal and ethical standards for professional practice.

  4. Psychopathology and Diagnosis: This area covers the identification and assessment of mental health disorders within a Christian counseling framework. Students learn to recognize and address psychological challenges.

  5. Marriage and Family Counseling: Courses often focus on Christian approaches to marriage counseling, premarital counseling, and family therapy. Topics include communication, conflict resolution, and family dynamics.

  6. Crisis Intervention and Trauma Counseling: Students learn how to provide support and counseling to individuals facing crises, trauma, and grief while integrating Christian principles of hope and healing.

  7. Addiction Counseling: This area explores addiction theory, assessment, and treatment from a Christian perspective. Students learn how to address substance abuse and addictive behaviors in clients.

  8. Counseling Skills and Techniques: Practical courses teach essential counseling skills, such as active listening, empathy, and effective communication, with a focus on integrating Christian values.

Spiritual Integration:

Christian counseling programs emphasize the integration of spirituality and faith into the counseling process. This includes exploring how faith can be a resource for coping, resilience, and personal growth.

Supervised Clinical Experience:

Many MA in Christian Counseling programs require students to complete supervised practicum and internship experiences. These hands-on opportunities allow students to apply their counseling skills and theories in real-world settings, often in Christian counseling centers, churches, or related organizations.

Thesis or Capstone Project:

Students may be required to complete a thesis or a capstone project that integrates their learning and research in a specific area of Christian counseling.

Licensure and Certification:

Completion of an MA in Christian Counseling program does not necessarily lead to licensure as a professional counselor. Graduates may need to pursue additional requirements and licensure exams to practice as licensed professional counselors (LPCs) or in similar roles, depending on their jurisdiction's regulations.

Career Opportunities:

Graduates of MA in Christian Counseling programs can work in a variety of settings, including churches, Christian counseling centers, nonprofit organizations, private practice, and educational institutions. They may provide counseling services to individuals, couples, families, or groups while incorporating Christian faith and values into their practice.

Before enrolling in a Master of Arts in Christian Counseling program, individuals should research the specific program's curriculum, faculty qualifications, accreditation status, and any licensing or certification requirements applicable in their regio

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Your Instructor

Dr. Richard

Dr. Richard

Professional Objectives:
Rev. Dr. Richard D. Reeves Jr.

• Support the development of High Quality Health and Human Services Through Effective Leadership, Consultation, Management and Program Design.
• Establish Service and Program Stability through effective budget management, proposal and grant writing and effective contract service management
• Provide Education and Training in Human Services, Youth Services, Youth Development, Case Management, Clinical Chaplaincy, Pastoral Counseling and Psychotherapy, Professional Development, Mentoring, Trauma-Informed Care and Integration Of Best Practices and Understanding Personal Transformation.

PhD-Human Services & Chaplaincy/Holistic Health
International Theological University-Distance and Digital Education
Accelerated Doctoral Program-Develop and field test New Approach to Clinical Chaplaincy & Pastoral Psychotherapy.
M.A.-Human Services & Chaplaincy/Counseling
International Theological University- Distance and Digital Education Program Management and Clinical Supervision CEU credit hours
B.A. - Business Ethics
International Theological University- Distance and Digital Education Business Administration and Human Services
Licensed Clinical-Hospital Chaplain/Pastoral Counselor
American Chaplains Association Inc.-1988 (two year program)
NYS Chapter-North General Hospital NY
New York Theological Seminary Affiliate
Focus of Training: Clinical Psychotherapy; Intensive Case Management; Counseling Addictive Behaviors; Grief Counseling
Member: Epsilon Delta Chi-Professional Fraternity of Pastoral Counselors
Special Professional Trainings
Licensed Chaplaincy Director
Heart Bible Institute University-2021
• Understanding all areas of Chaplaincy Service
• Managing Chaplaincy Services and Staff in Professional Settings
Love International Chaplains Ordination and Licensure
Heart Bible Institute University-2021
• Understanding Chaplaincy
• Areas Of Chaplaincy in Society
• Mental Health and Chaplaincy

In-service Staff Trainings-Continuing Education Hours-1984-1986
Union Settlement Association Family Life Institute-JWJ Psychiatric Counseling Center Case Management Essentials; Intake Assessment; Record Keeping; Interviewing Skill; Counseling; Brief Counseling with Adolescents; Peer Counseling and Crisis Intervention; Blythedale Children’s Hospital Training In Occupational Therapy Fundamental
Clinical Training Hours
Alcohol & Substance Abuse Counselor-1984
Certification Program-Good Shepherd Services Inc. [OSAS credit hours] Fundamentals of Clinical Supervision for Human Service Professionals Substance Abuse Counseling; AIDS Focused Street Outreach
Work Experience
2018 to Present
Associate Director of Prevention and Intervention Services Union Settlement Association
• Second level Manager In Youth Services Department
• Expanded Program Oversight and Supervision of Directors and Managers
• Grant Proposal Writing (Narrative, Service Design, Budgeting)
• Budget Management (Total Budget Management Portfolio $2 Million)
• Managing Funder Relations (Department Of Probation, Manhattan District Attorney,
• Management Community Partnerships
• Program and Service Design and Development
• Staff Training and Development (Implementation of Best Practices in Youth Services)
Heart Bible Institute University
RVP/Dean-Professor Head Of Clinical Chaplaincy Post-Secondary Digital Programs
• Development Of Curriculum for Clinical Chaplaincy Certifications and Degrees
• Expanding Chaplaincy Related Programs
• Manage and Provide Instruction
• Student Grading and Career Advisory Work
Director-Head Of Young Adult Programming
Union Settlement Association
• Program Oversight and Supervision of Directors and Managers
• Budget Management (Total Budget Management Portfolio $500,000)
• Programs: Fatherhood Initiative (DYCD), HSE-(OCFS), Saturday Night Lights
(Manhattan DA), Career Academy
• Manage Funder Evaluation and Oversight
Program Manager
Union Settlement Association
• Young Adult Literacy Program (YALP)-
• Young Men on the Rise Young Fathers Services
• DYCD/Union Settlement Collaboration
• Staff Supervision; Program Development; Program Management; Reporting; Direct

Drug/Crime/Substance Abuse Prevention Counselor-Program Coordinator DYCD/Union Settlement Collaboration
• Youth Link Program-400 participants per year.
• Tito Puente Middles School Complex 117
• Case Management and Counseling Services [individual, group, family]
• Conduct Psycho-Educational Workshops
• Staff Supervision
• DOE Staff Development and Training; Program Development; Coordination of all Youth
Link Services; Directing Summer Program; Curriculum Development; In-School Intervention; Teacher Trainings
Attendance Improvement-Drop Out Prevention Counselor
United Way/Union Settlement/Board of Education-200 participants per year Park East High School
• Budget management ($100,000)
• Coordinate on-site services
• Supervise Counselors
• Provide Case Management
• Individual and Group Counseling
• Program Design
• Provide workshops and training for teachers.
NYCHA Lead Counselor
N.Y.C.H.A. Substance Abuse Prevention Program N.Y.C.H.A./Union Settlement (OSAS Licensed Program)
• Conduct prevention workshops in Elementary and Middle Schools
• Brief Prevention Counseling
• Staff supervision
• Intervention and Referrals; Assessment
• Work with NYPD Precinct [23]
Counselor-Prevention Educator
Substance Abuse and Pregnancy Prevention-300 served SOROS/Union Settlement Partnership
• Coordinate and Provide Workshops
• Individual/Group Counseling
• Provide services to Community Organizations and Schools
NADAP Prevention Counselor-Educator
NADAP-National Association on Drug Abuse Problems/Union Settlement-200 served
• Community-Based Workshops
• Prevention Counseling in School Settings
• Intervention and Referral Services to Participants;
• Case Management
Teen Parent Program and Arts Coordinator
Comprehensive Adolescent Resource Center NYCHA-Washington Center/Urban League/Union Settlement
• Coordinate and Develop Arts Programs

• Teach Drama, Dance, Vocal Music, Martial Arts
• Staff Supervision
• Interview & Assessment of Teen Parents-100 participants
• Case Management
Power Living Christian Church-A.O.T.S.M. Inc
• Church Planting Senior Pastor (7 years)
• Establish the local church
• Staff development
• Licensing and Ordination Of Ministers and Chaplains
Intake Specialist-Youth Counselor
Family Life Institute-J.W.J. Psychiatric Center/Out-Patient Services
• Intake and Assessment
• File-management
• Art Workshops
• Supportive Counseling
Consultant-Trainer Services
Department Of Probation
• 16 hour-2 day Training 60 Probation Officers In Case Management Work with High Risk Youth
• Development Of Curriculum-Breakthrough
PHM Incorporated, Nashville.
• Train 85 Mental Health Professionals and Clergy in CTP-Psychotherapy and Chaplaincy-140 credit hours.
• Apostolic-Pastoral Advisory Work To Organizational Leadership
Consultant-Head of Training and Curriculum Development
A.O.T.S.M. Inc. CTP-PsychotherapyTMChaplains Training Institute
Develop the CTP-Psychotherapy Model for the Organization; Train, and Certify Professional Students
[Social Workers, Counselors, Chaplains, Ministers, Clinicians].
Guest Lecturer-Touro College NY Campus
• Undergraduate Studies-Department of Human Services
• Courses: Counseling Addictive Behaviors; Introduction to Human Services-
• Supervising Dean: Dr. Becker (Deceased)
Consultant-Trainer: Staff Development
Children’s Aide Society East Harlem & Milbank Centers
Additional Skills
Martial Arts-GrandMaster, Professional Integrated Dance, Professional Cartooning/Illustration/Graffiti, Vocal Coaching, Music Production, Microsoft Suite Proficient,

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