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About the Course

Course Description

A Master of Arts in Christian Leadership is a graduate- level program designed for individuals

who want to deepen their knowledge and skills in Christian leadership. This program is designed

to help those involved in various areas of Christian Leadership and ministry to be better

equipped to take on the wide variety of challenges and opportunities leadership provides.

Students will be led through the foundational aspects and implications of leadership, and

encouraged to explore and reflect on the many dimensions Christian leadership encompasses and

challenged to find ways of applying what they learn to their own areas of service to God and his

people. This course is an analysis of the tasks, styles, and models of leadership, giving special emphasis

to the biblical guidelines and church context of Christian leadership. In this modern day epoch, religious

leaders face various challenges and criticisms, this Christian leadership course combines theological

education with practical leadership training to prepare students for roles in ministry, non profit

organizations, and other Christian contexts. The curriculum of the Master of Arts in Christian

Leadership program may include courses in biblical studies, theology, Christian ethics, pastoral

leadership, organizational behavior, and strategic planning. The pedagogy for this course is a

lecture and discussion, other pedagogies including online testing and assignments may be used.

Designed for students who meet the College’s requirements for enrollment in Masters Level.

This course is a [3 credits]

Course Objectives


The aim of this course is for students to achieve the following:

1. Be in proximity to great leaders as you learn how to lead yourself.

2. Analyze and examine biblical qualifications for church leadership.

3.Biblically defend a position on topics relevant to Christian leadership.

4. Be introduced to helpful secondary literature concerning the ministry of a Christian leader.

5.Increase awareness of your current leadership style and abilities; in the workplace, ministry,

non profit organizations and community (missionary work)

6. Develop an understanding of the different aspects of the ministry of a Christian leader.

7. Gain experience in leadership through practical experiences in ministry.

8. Demonstrate and understand a leader’s responsibilities.

9.Create and maintain an efficient, effective, and motivated team.

10. Demonstrate the ability to think critically; improve your ability to communicate with the

team; how to manage conflict or opposition

11.. Research, discuss and write papers concerning Christian

leadership. Read More

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