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Doctor of Leadership and Cultural Management




3 Years

About the Course

Doctor of Leadership and Cultural Management is a field that focuses on the intersection between leadership and organizational culture. It involves the development and implementation of strategies that promote effective leadership practices and cultural norms within an organization.Leadership in this context refers to the ability to influence and guide individuals or groups toward achieving common goals. Cultural management, on the other hand, involves creating and maintaining a positive and productive organizational culture that aligns with the organization's values, mission, and goals.Some key skills required for effective doctoral leadership and cultural management include:

Communication: Effective communication skills are essential for building relationships with staff, patients, and other stakeholders. Doctors in leadership positions need to be able to communicate clearly and effectively, both verbally and in writing.

Emotional intelligence: Doctors in leadership positions need to be able to understand and manage their emotions, as well as those of others. They need to be able to empathize with their staff and patients and respond appropriately to their needs.

Strategic thinking: Doctors in leadership positions need to be able to think strategically and develop long-term plans for the organization. They need to be able to identify opportunities and risks and make informed decisions that benefit the organization as a whole.

Team building: Doctors in leadership positions need to be able to build and manage effective teams. They need to be able to identify the strengths and weaknesses of team members and create an environment that encourages collaboration and innovation.

Cultural awareness: Doctors in leadership positions need to be culturally aware and able to work effectively with people from diverse backgrounds. They need to be able to create a positive and inclusive organizational culture that promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion.Overall, doctor leadership and cultural management are essential for promoting effective healthcare delivery and improving patient outcomes. By developing these skills, doctors in leadership positions can create a positive and productive work environment that supports staff engagement, patient satisfaction, and organizational success.

Outline: 60 credits

DPLS 700 Leadership Theory 3 credits   

DPLS 701 Organizational Theory 3 credits

DPLS 703 Global Leadership 3 credits

DPLS 720 Principles of Research 3 credits

DPLS 722 Quantitative Data Analysis 3 credits

DPLS 723 Qualitative Research 3 credits

DPLS 730 Proposal Seminar 3 credits

DPLS 735 Proposal Defense 1 credit

DPLS 736 Dissertation 5 credits

DPLS 745 Ethics & Leadership Studies 3 credits

DPLS 705 Leadership and Social Justice 3 credits

DPLS 706 Leadership and Diversity 3 credits

DPLS 707 Leadership and Technology 3 credits

DPLS 708 Servant-Leadership, Forgiveness & Restorative Justice 3 credits

DPLS 709 Leadership and Spirituality 3 credits

DPLS 710 Planning for Change 3 credits

DPLS 711 Organizational Culture 3 credits

DPLS 712  Leadership for Environmental & Social Change 3 credits

DPLS 713 Leadership and Law 3 credits

DPLS 714 Writing for Publication 1 credit

DPLS 715 Leadership Ruminations 1 credit

DPLS 716 Social Construction and Leadership 3 credits

DPLS 717 Leadership and Film 3 credits

DPLS 718 Ways of Knowing: Teaching, Learning, and Leadership 3 credits

DPLS 719 Emergent Organizational Change 3 credits

DPLS 726 Advanced Qualitative Research 3 credits

DPLS 727 Complexity and Leadership Studies 3 credits

DPLS 728 Conceptual Framework and Research Design 3 credits

DPLS 741 The Art and Practice of Dialogue 3 credits

DPLS 742 Critical Theory & Leadership 3 credits

DPLS 743 Leadership and Consulting 3 credits

DPLS 744 Leadership, Language, and Culture 3 credits

DPLS 746 Leadership and Applied Ethics 3 credits

DPLS 747 Leadership and Classical Ethics 3 credits

DPLS 748 Leadership and Feminist Ethics 3 credits

DPLS 749 Leadership and Eco Ethics  3 credits

DPLS 750 Leadership and Post-Modern Ethics 3 credits

DPLS 752 Narrative Inquiry & Identity 3 credits

DPLS 751 Leadership and History 3 credits

DPLS 755 Leadership and Communications 3 credits

DPLS 756 Leadership and Psychology 3 credits

DPLS 757 Power and Influence in Leadership 3 credits

DPLS 780 Servant Leadership 3 credits

DPLS 781 Listen, Discern, Decide 3 credits

DPLS 782 Foresight & Strategy 3 credits

DPLS 783 Seminar in Servant Leadership 1 credit

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